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  • Jul092018

    Blue Skies Ahead: The Must Have Nail Color This Very Moment

    It’s officially July! (I can’t believe it either.) This also happens to be the month in which summer officially kicks…

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  • Jul052018

    MVP: Babe On A Budget – Street Style #24

    Oh man, I will admit- I have been wanting to jump all over this trend for some time!! I wrote a…

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  • Jun222018

    Holistically Happy Health Check-In #1 – DIET

    Oh, today is just another wonderful day. And why is it just so wonderful? Because I have been on the…

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  • Jun062018

    This App Will Seriously Change The Way You Shop

    Remember that virtual closet Cher Horowitz had in Clueless and how fun it looked? Now, you can play dress up too with…

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  • Jun042018

    Lazy Girl Kitchen: Grilled California Avocado Chicken w/ Homemade Balsamic Glaze

    I can’t exactly take credit for this one.  I saw a recipe similar on a friend’s FB page and decided…

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  • Jun012018

    Unleash the Best Version of Yourself: Holistically Happy Health

    My entire adult life, I have always been pretty skinny.  I have been the same size since I was 18,…

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  • May242018

    3 Cool Girl Memorial Day Outfits That Are Sure To Bring The Heat

    Rather than wear an obvious-looking ensemble for barbeques, beach getaways and pool parties this Memorial Day, I just know an…

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  • May022018

    Product MVP: Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe

    It’s always fun to try out new beauty products, services, and tools. With so many options available today, it’s key to…

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  • Apr272018

    Fahrenheit Friday: J. Cole Has A Message- Listen Up, Kids

    J. Cole has been MIA from the music scene for the past year and a half, last hitting us with…

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  • Apr242018

    Boss Bitch Accessories That Every Woman Should Own

    Stylish women know it only takes a few key accessories to take an outfit from average to extraordinary. Another hot…

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  • Apr162018

    Spring 2018 Bag Trends That Won’t Break the Bank

    I hope you’re getting your spring shopping on, because the latest and greatest from my favorite retailers are very much worth…

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  • Apr122018

    Subscription Addiction: Birchbox

    There’s nothing better than Spring surprises!  Check out this review of beauty box: Birchbox.  💄 (Thanks to our special contributor,…

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