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  • Sep172018

    Em Just Took All The Ammunition Out Of Your Gun

    Shady’s back and this time, he came back at Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” with a diss track of his own.…

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  • Apr272018

    Fahrenheit Friday: J. Cole Has A Message- Listen Up, Kids

    J. Cole has been MIA from the music scene for the past year and a half, last hitting us with…

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  • Mar282017

    Fahrenheit ANYDAY: All I Want Out Of Life is More Life

    I have had a creative block.  Like whoa.  😫 So, I do apologize for the lack of info coming your…

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  • Feb102017

    Fahrenheit Friday- The Best Kind Of Deja Vu: J. Cole

    Oh man, have I been waiting for this.  🙌🏾 Ya know, the majority of jams that we hear on our…

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  • Dec022016

    Fahrenheit Friday: Shia… Yes, Wait For It… Shia LaBeouf Is Kind Of A Boss

    We have watched this kid grow up in so many ways over the years.  From Even Stevens on Disney to…

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  • Oct282016

    Fahreinheit Friday: Keep It Swanky – Jidenna

    “I’m a classic man…”  We all know it, we have all hummed it before… and given the massive success of…

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  • Sep092016

    Fahrenheit Friday – Hot Tracks To Start Your Weekend Off Right: DO NOT Call Him Little Pun

    As Hip Hop has grown into new centuries and touched new generations, we’ve seen the children of iconic rappers like…

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  • Aug172016

    Wind Down Wednesday… DJ Divsa’s Got A New Mixtape

    We’re halfway there.  It’s Wednesday, hump day, whatever you want to call it- we’re there. Take a breath, and wake…

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  • Mar182016

    This Is What You Are Doing This Weekend

      I am always looking for something fresh, something different to do on a Friday night. Trust me, my days…

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  • Feb092016

    Here’s What Happened At Superbowl 2016 (because you were off doing better things)

    My main question about this year’s Superbowl was: “Are they not going to show Shameless??” “Is this going to stop…

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