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  • Jan192022

    Style Step Up- Top 3 2022 Fashion Trends I Am Already Obsessed With

    As seasons get more confusing (what’s the deal with the overnight change of 65+ degree winter days to 8 degree…

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  • Nov032021

    Lazy Girl Kitchen: Easy Stovetop Paneer Butter Chicken Masala

    Lately, I have been all about Indian food. It’s interesting, because a few years ago, there was no way that…

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  • Nov012021

    Needles No More- Dr. Lancer Is The Only Doctor I Want To See

    It wasn’t until I saw the far side of thirty that I started to really worry about my skin. I…

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  • Oct272021

    High Fashion Is Currently High On Mushrooms

    Oooh, are you feeling it yet? I sure am. 🍄 Mushroom prints and motifs have been an emerging trend since…

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  • Jun162021

    This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    We can’t help it. We get pulled in by the glitz and the glam. However, in the fashion world today,…

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  • Apr272021

    In The Fashion Industry- The Kids Are NOT Alright

    Playgrounds, parks, and school- these are the places where we should find children. Not factories and fields. It is easy…

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  • Jan042021

    3 Fab Ways to Style Your Leggings This Winter

    Let’s be real- you’ve likely been incorporating leggings into your wardrobe for the past dare I say.. many, many, many…

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  • Dec142020

    Fashion Forecast: Fall/Winter 2020 Embroidery

    It’s not just for your great aunt Louise anymore… it’s here… and gasp! it’s sexy. Now, listen closely.  This look…

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  • Dec012020

    E is for Embroidery. E is for Embellishments. E is for… this is EVERYTHING

    For those, who like to limit their fashion purchases to the mainstream trends that are available in the nearest mall,…

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  • Sep152020

    MVP: Babe On A Budget- Street Style #25- COVID Edition

    I’m backkkkk! I don’t know about you, but I could only sit around for so long trying to turn my…

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