A lot of sass, a touch of class.


A style all star in her own right, Chicago’s Melissa Vanderplow is bringing her fashion forecasts directly to you. Straight up, no chaser. – The Truth

Born in the burbs, I raced to the 312 as soon as I had the chance. Bouncing between the Chicago nightlife and retail scene, I was determined to stand out from the rest of what Chicago was doing- and create my own style identity.

Obsessed with planning out my outfits from day one, I have been passing out style advice along LSD for as long as I can remember.

Now, I am bringing it to you with MVPCHIC.com!

To bring you up to speed:

I am weird, and that’s my favorite thing about me. Fashion is MY way of standing out in a sea of “basic” and boring.

To say I am driven is like saying the sky is blue.  I have a crazy mind full of ideas, and now they are all coming to life…

YOU get a front row seat.

I work hard. I don’t take no for an answer, and I don’t play by the fashion “rules.”

Hell, I don’t play by any rules. And that’s exactly how I like it.

I promise… we are gonna be fast friends.

Take THAT, fashion emergencies! Together, we just won’t have it.

Want to know what’s going to be hot next season? Want to be able to get that look for less?  Want to impress your next dinner party with delicious and easy recipes?  Or, just wondering if those pants REALLY go with those shoes?

Stop clicking. You have found it. Here. And, you know you want it.


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It’s that easy, because I know you are busy working…busy playing… and busy being downright fabulous!




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