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3 Fab Ways to Style Your Leggings This Winter

3 Fab Ways to Style Your Leggings This Winter
January 4, 2021 Melissa

Let’s be real- you’ve likely been incorporating leggings into your wardrobe for the past dare I say.. many, many, many months—their undeniably comfortable design and ultra-simplistic silhouette make them a go-to for colder temps, and let’s be real- we all need to dress up sometimes… keep that confidence alive.

But it can be tricky to create a fashion-forward look around this basic black leggings.  And who wants to be basic?  💯

Well I have found that throwing a few trend pieces and playful colors and prints into the mix can make for an interesting (and, dare I say, elevated) result. Ahead, my tips on how to wear black leggings like a pro this winter.

Fashion pros unite!


Fab Outfit Inspo #1


Turtlenecks are (believe it or not) where it’s at this winter.  (Mom will be proud!)

Start with an oversized turtleneck rendered in a bold hue that’s long enough to cover that booty. Leggings are NOT pants, so don’t do anything rash here, ladies. Add some white boots and a jewel-toned stand-out bag as finishing touches.


Fab Outfit Inspo #2


Layer a cozy Edie Sedgwick inspired shearling coat over a plain sweater for extra warmth when winds start to intensify (does it ever stop!?) Accessorize with slingback pumps (yes, these can be worn with black tights) and an adorable mini stand out bag for fashion-girl flair.

Fab Outfit Inspo #3


My personal fave! A kimono dress is a perfect length to wear with leggings without appearing odd. Step outside that box- this is NOT a robe- this is a statement piece for sure. Streamline with sleek leather mid-calf boots and a buckled cross-body bag, then adorn with earrings that are sure to standout.


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Dream on, beautiful babes!
xoxx-Mel 💋






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