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E is for Embroidery. E is for Embellishments. E is for… this is EVERYTHING

E is for Embroidery. E is for Embellishments. E is for… this is EVERYTHING
December 1, 2020 Melissa

For those, who like to limit their fashion purchases to the mainstream trends that are available in the nearest mall, techniques and trends that have been used in higher forms of fashion, like haute couture, might not make or break any deals.  But then, why are you reading this?  MVPChic is about setting a trend, standing out, staying on top of your game, like the bad bitch that you are.

But there are two trends out there, in the fashion streets of your favorite cities, that not only open a window to one of the best practices of haute couture fashion, but also gradually conquer many mainstream brands and stores…and those, my friend- are embroidery and embellishments.

And btw, if you DON’T have a bomber in your closet yet, you are falling behind, gf!  

Although the skill and labor of the craftsmen and masters behind every single haute couture garment is unquestionable, there are very few people on this Earth that would care to spend 10K on a blouse.

That is NOT “Babe on a Budget” behavior.

And that’s where I step in.  I am here to take you on a journey… through not only one of the hottest trends RIGHT NOW, but how you can score a literal “I just spent $10k on this outfit, I know you’re throwin’ that shade” outfit.  When you actual spent about $150.  Play on, playa.

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Embroidery on Jackets

Who said embroidery is only for exquisite fabrics?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going crazy for the embroidery on sheer fabrics by Elie Saab, but the rumor has it embroidered coats and jackets are a major trend this fall.

Whether it’s a single flower design or an Aztec pattern on your shoulders, the detail this technique delivers will grant you stares even when you’re in line for your morning coffee.

Rosie Huntington Whitley

Match these beauties with another current trend, skinny scarves wrapped around your neck with long ends flying in the wind.


Embroidered Denim

Take a look at the best street style looks at Paris Fashion Week– denim was rockin’ the streets all over the city. So, why don’t you make a double impression by adding the new trend of embroidery to it?

Again, the most popular designs are ethnic patterns and flowers.

Now, having said this, it’s important to mention that it’s easy to confuse the embroidered denim in fashion now and the embroidered denim of your childhood that looks more retro than a trend.

Denim has always been spiced up with sequins and embroidery, be very picky when it comes to the designs. Other than that, enjoy your comfy wear and the curious glances.  They wish they looked that good.


Sienna Miller



Embroidered and Embellished Skirts & Dresses

Of course, you can’t miss this category when it comes to haute couture techniques.

An embellished dress is like the jeweled crown in the jewelry store, it has a sort of power that is very hard to overrule.  Ane we come here to SLAY, ladies.

When it comes to skirts, you have more variety. You can go with a full-length embellished maxi or  a shift with splendid details on the cuffs, collars, or shoulders. The choice is really up to you and your limits.  And like I always say… push ’em.


J. Lo

Nicole Sherzinger 

Rosie Huntington Whitley


Embellished & Embroidered Accessories

Give this point a round of applause, because I know every girl deep down love embellishments on shoes, bags and other accessories with an entirely different enthusiasm. Anyway, I personally love embellished accessories, because it gives you that glam girl look, but you;re not head to toe sparkle and beading. Some of the collections that predicted my tastes for 2016 still incorporated embellished shoes and bags in their top looks.  It’s hard to let this one go.  And I’m totally fine with that.

Frida Pinto

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