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MVP: Babe On A Budget- Street Style #25- COVID Edition

MVP: Babe On A Budget- Street Style #25- COVID Edition
September 15, 2020 Melissa

I’m backkkkk!

I don’t know about you, but I could only sit around for so long trying to turn my sweats aka (I guess we now jazzed it up a bit and call it “leisurewear”) into something I would actually get enthusiastic about putting on everyday.

I am pretty sure my neighbors think I own about 3 t-shirts and one pair of shorts. And that, my friends- is not ok.

So, that being said. I decided to turn my attention to something new and essentially different on the fashion scene: masks.

Now, look- I am trying to be upbeat here and touch on the fact that this is indeed, real life. If we have to wear masks at this point in time, the least I can do is embrace it. And with every brand and then some designing masks, I had to take a look at what was out there… and hey, I got excited about it.

And that is why my (finally!) returning “Babe On A Budget” is focused around one fab outfit, coupled with an equally fabulous mask.


Recreate this breezy and comfortably cool look here: 


Let’s kick it off with the skirt. It’s all about midi. I am, have been, and will be obsessed with a good midi skirt. And with a little bit of fit and flare- it will hug you in all the right places… and you will still be able to walk comfortably.

Where Heart Thou Midi Skirt $22.50


Ok, so admittedly, the crop top I am sporting in my look is Forever21 from back when I was probably 21. (Is that considered vintage now?) However, I found this super cute cropped tee that is still giving off the sporty vibes that I am going for. This changes it up a bit, making this a “I look too cool to care” look… and that is something I 100% stand for.

Black Sport Stripe Crop Top $35


Along with all the other craziness going on in the world right now, it doesn’t seem like the temps and seasons are playing by the rules anymore. As I would typically be shopping for boots… I think I made a smarter decision and stocked my closet with one last pair of sandals for the season. These not only will go with anything, (and yes! it’s after Labor Day…it’s white… just do it) but they are beyond comfortable. Oh, and did I mention that they’re on sale, too?


Charles David Wedge Espadrille $44.98



I mentioned crazy temps, right? So, consider this part optional. While I will be a little sad if you don’t already have a moto jacket in your collection, I will get over my emotions… just go ahead and get one. The perfect topper for literally ANYTHING. A closet staple, I don’t think I need to say much more than that.

Into Moto Jacket $37.50


DRUMROLL PLEASE! The mask. Oh, the mask. I admittedly get a little too excited about getting my hands on a cool, fashion forward mask. I have tried quite a few, and these masks by Flayr just kill the game. They fit my little face perfectly, are great quality, and the styles just happen to go seamlessly with my outfits. (Or maybe I have started matching my outfits to my mask, who knows?) Either way, I don’t care. Up your mask game with the Flayr sale going on now.

Hibiscus Flamenco Mask $18.75

Buy 2 get 1 FREE with CODE: BOGO3


And there you have it. Don’t quote me on this… but, I am really pumped right now to whip out my calculator. (Calculating sales are the only calculations I feel equipped to handle.)

This whole look comes out to about $16o TOTAL.

What? You thought I would come back to you with something different? MVP is back… and with all of us being on major budgets right now, it’s about time we bring babe-worthy looks back into our repertoire.


Stay pretty, inside and out.


xoxx -Mel 💋




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