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Street Style- Post Coronavirus- What Will This “Look” Like?

Street Style- Post Coronavirus- What Will This “Look” Like?
August 2, 2020 Melissa

Throughout history, style has mirrored cultural shifts, whether it be the fun-loving twenties flappers or the psychedelic hippie garb that reflected the political and social despair of the anti-Vietnam war youth. Fashion is reactionary.

2020 has observed a pandemic, a recession, and horrific racial injustice- and it’s only halfway through the year. For many these traumatic shake-ups are reshaping the way we consume and express fashion.

Street style, in particular, is an industry fraction that has been rendered practically nonexistent since the world went into lockdown.

One way street style is predicted to change is through a revived emphasis on authenticity. Ya know, people truly resonating who they are through personal style.

And, that. Is BEYOND refreshing.

Recent cultural shifts may begin to have an effect on people being a lot more conscious of what they’re wearing and probably returning to a more genuine personal style.

Street style has always existed mainly outside of fashion week, there-it just happens to be a dense gathering that photographers choose to shoot at- hence what we see in magazines and online- but that might be changing. Even without the travel of attending each fashion week, once certain restrictions are lifted photographers will be able to go out into the street and get back to being able to shoot street style as it was captured from the beginning- on the street.

With more quiet time, less travel, and fewer social obligations, I hope we might be on the verge of a new phase of creativity. I for one am excited to see how people respond as we slowly start to accept this “new normal,” venture out to social activities, and hey- finally get out of those sweats.

Like other artists, I wonder how designers will respond to this bizarre and traumatic time, and produce something beautiful? As life slows down, we might even see fewer trends emerge and more introspective and development of beautiful clothes.

With the possibility of allowing designers more time to be creative, the implications for how this could trickle down to street style is both profound and exciting.

Will COVID-19 spark a new wave in style? Will this go down in history as a milestone in fashion history?

Well, like everything else going on in the world right now, let’s just stay tuned.

xoxx- Mel 💋

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