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Fashion Fast Forward- Pandemic Style

Fashion Fast Forward- Pandemic Style
April 5, 2020 Melissa

Where are we? Is this a movie… with a really bad plot? I will say that my style lately has consisted of the most fashionable loungewear that I can find. And understandably so. We are supposed to cover our faces with masks, which started out as blue disposable medical masks to styles in all kinds of colors, patterns and fabrics. Designers and even celebrities are hopping on board.


It’s weird, right? This pandemic has started what some might call a new “trend.” I, myself wouldn’t say it as a “trend” per se, as these are devastating times. However we have to be real, this has definitely become a new accessory- whether we like it or not.


Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia and pop artist The Weeknd are prime examples of this “mask revolution,” donating a portion of each sale of the high-profile masks to charity.


So where does this leave the rest of the fashion world? We can’t have fashion shows, after parties, and red carpets anymore. We were lucky enough that New York Fashion Week wasn’t canceled, but the headlines that forecasted the event’s demise seemed altogether too dire. Fashion Week isn’t dead, though it is in mid-disruption.


What does the future have in store for us trendsetters? While we all know that this industry will be around forever, it will be interesting to see where designers decide to go with it. Aside from the luxurious masks, will the industry be able to adapt to the sudden change in the trends that are becoming part of our everyday wardrobe?


The way things are going, there is the unfortunate possibility that Summer and even Fall 2020 styles just might not make it beyond the runways. With that being said, I don’t see that affecting a new generation of ready to wear. The creativity will not cease, yet sadly we will see sales drop.


While the future of the fashion industry in present day is unknown, it will be compelling to see how designers, influencers and even fashion icons handle the casual corruption.


Like I said, loungewear is where it’s at right now. And to be honest, I would not be surprised if we see this relaxed trend-dominating Fall shows. The fashion world is supposed to stay ahead of the times, right?


Well, in times like these- I am confidant that the upcoming collections, without a doubt will define the expectations of these trends.


Who knows what’s in store? Cover up with your mask and keep your eyes open, the future of fashion is here.


xoxx -Mel 💋









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