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The Newest Innovation In Fashion Is As Easy As Point, Click, Print

The Newest Innovation In Fashion Is As Easy As Point, Click, Print
November 2, 2019 Melissa

There are new technologies being introduced to us all the time, revolutionizing industries, simplifying everyday tasks, and initiating the latest in integrating design and functionality.


How does this relate to the fashion industry? In numerous ways. There are many pieces that you have probably seen before that were not created the traditional way. This is the future- there are way better tricks up style’s sleeve.


What are the best 3D printing projects when it comes to fashion design? From 3D printed clothes such as dresses, jackets, or to other applications for accessories and jewelry, fashion brands are embracing this revolution.

The exciting news here is that 3D printing is significantly expanding creative possibilities for fashion design. It allows the ability to create shapes without molds and manage to produce elements of an extreme intricacy.


Nevertheless, the rigidity of the existing 3D materials does not allow, for the time being, these clothing creations to be seen outside runway shows, galas, and museums. In addition, the printing itself of these garments, and not to mention the assembly of the various pieces that composes it after it has been printed.


And it doesn’t just stop there with couture clothing. There is a high probability that you are familiar with some other major brands that have tipped their toe into this 3D pool.


Sneaker brands-Nike, Adidas, New Balance  and Reebok to name a few, have tried it out with varying degrees of success. One of the major interests for the technology lies in the possibilities of customization: an example of this is Adidas Futurecraft. Using this innovative technique 3D printing would allow Adidas to custom fit each sole according to the foot of its customers. In addition, printing a 3D outsole allows you to configure its structure to maximize the performance of the final shoe.


This is pretty cool stuff. The inventive approach to maximizing our tech resources in varying industries- including fashion, are just going to make each garment better, each shoe better, each bag better… the list can go on.


So, sit back, relax, and let’s watch as future fashion dreams come to 3D life.


xoxx- Mel  💋




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