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I Never Knew That What I Needed …. Was to Give Away What I Didn’t Need

I Never Knew That What I Needed …. Was to Give Away What I Didn’t Need
October 19, 2019 Melissa

So I did a thing today. (and yes, shocker I actually did something before 11 AM on a Saturday!)

I read this article the other day about how Chicago only has 150 beds for Domestic Violence survivors. And how hard it is for these women and children to get back on their feet after fleeing what some are deadly situations.

In the article, there was a list of restaurants and bars accepting donations for these SURVIVORS.

I had cleaned out my closet (like I do every season) and had everything all ready to upload to Poshmark to make some extra cash.

But what do I need that for? As a survivor of domestic violence myself- I was fortunate to have a stranger find me bruised and bleeding on the street- and help me. I was fortunate enough to have friends who were there to support me every day.

So many people don’t have that.

As I was sitting in my nice apartment, watching my nice tv and about to upload my nice clothes… I started crying. It hurt. I have started over many times in my life- but again, always been fortunate to have someone by my side.

So I packed.

I packed my two suitcases. My two carry-ons. literally every bag that I could find and filled them with clothes, shoes, blankets… I started going on a mini-mission and even started packing little Ipsy bags that I had lying around and filling them with little cosmetic samples that I didn’t use… man, I had so much stuff!

One of the places to drop stuff off was within a 5 min walk from my house.

So, I made 3 trips.

Dropping this stuff off made me so emotional… and not because I was giving away my Vince blazer or my Adidas shoes… but because I was so happy that I could help.

Domestic violence is no joke. I remember my experience and even how hard it was to accept the fact that this actually happened to me.

Now I can be that girlfriend who is there for them.

I will probably never meet these women… but I imagine their beautiful faces as they receive everything that we, as a community give them.

What a fantastic way to start the weekend. I am blessed- so it’s the least I could do. Hell, I will prob find more stuff to give them today (I am on a roll.)

No one is a victim. We are strong… and together, we can all get through the darkness and find the light to live a whole life again.

Check out the article here:


And if you can- clean out your place- and give to someone who needs it more.

I stayed at the restaurant for brunch (all that walking made me hungry!) And let me tell ya- this was the best brunch I have ever had in my whole entire life. Table for one… but I felt like I was at a table for 100. 

Now that I feel motivated again by these incredible women… let’s get back to it.

More MVPChic to come, lovelies! And remember, the most beautiful look you can have- is the smile on your face after you have done something beautiful.



-Mel 💋

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