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Appearing In A Closet Near You- 2019 Fall Faves

Appearing In A Closet Near You- 2019 Fall Faves
August 11, 2019 Melissa

Regardless of how you feel about the whole pumpkin spice nonsense… Fall is a time to embrace all things cozy. The sun begins to set before you’ve left the office (I don’t even know if I want to touch on that sad story), and the days when you could leave home without a jacket on are few and far between.

But, swapping over to a warmer wardrobe doesn’t mean living the next three months in sweatpants (though hey, if you can pull that off, more power to you). Instead, developing a well-curated Fall wardrobe is the key to refreshing your look this season.

Because in fact, for many fashion-obsessed women like myself, the next 90 days are the best time of the year — a time when we can finally layer trends with abandon and embrace the layered looks that let our fashion flag fly high. Join me on the wild ride this Fall 2018 chock full of animal prints, structured bags, and statement pieces galore.

Snake print/ Western bootie. (I know, I know… western? Me?) But yes… these bad boys go with everything and will turn heads like whoa.

Leopard. All hail leopard! This look above is just the right amount of on-trend and relaxed enough for the office. Sweaters and mid-axis this Fall… it’s going to be big. We ‘ll talk about that later. And yes… mid-axi is a thing.

The puffed sleeve blouse. Not pirate, not George Washington. Just the right about of puff, even tailored and flare sleeve… it’s time to up your button down white shirt game.
Structured bags. But not boring. Find something that you can rock every day, but also screams high-end chic badass. With a bag like that… it’s not like you’re lying- let that classy, bad bitch flag fly.

Plaid trousers. High waist, skinny, wide leg… I don’t care. Pick a shape that flatters YOUR beautiful bod. Just get plaid. Trousers are the safest choice to experiment with this trend… don’t go with plaid shirts. No Paul Bunyans allowed.

This is one of my favorites. Statement earrings. I have never ever been a fan of statement necklaces, I just found them to get too popular, wayyy too quickly… and then I get bored. Statement earrings, on the other hand, spice up a slicked-back look and can totally transform your outfit. Step outside the box… you can even start with simple “bigger than usual” hoops- you got this, girl.

So, that’s that. My favorite trends for Fall.  I am more than excited to style some chic outfits and hit the streets!

Want to rock these looks too but unsure where to start? Email me at melissa@mvpchic.com and we can style an on-trend outfit together.

-Mel  💋

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