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MVP: Babe On A Budget – Street Style #24

MVP: Babe On A Budget – Street Style #24
July 5, 2018 Melissa

Oh man, I will admit- I have been wanting to jump all over this trend for some time!!

I wrote a post not too long ago showing you how to pair together unexpected color combos.

You can catch up on that post HERE.

I was actually having one of those “I have nothing to wear!” moments while getting ready for the office and all of a sudden… this popped into my head.

500% LOVE!

This outfit is now up on the list as one of my favorite looks for the warmer weather.

The best thing about it?  You can wear it to work.

And let me tell ya, you will HANDS DOWN be the cutest babe in your whole BUILDING. I will put money on it. 💯

And then another great thing?

You can wear it to the rooftop for cocktails after work.

Gosh, I love a good fashion win-win situation. 😎


Check out how to rock this look made for all shapes and sizes below:


MVPChic Chiffon Ruffled Sleeveless Blouse $35

Sizes: XS, S, M 


MVPChic Tie Waist Trouser $40

Sizes: XS, M, L


Indigo Road Sandie Sandal $34.98 


*****TOTAL BABE ON A BUDGET PRICE?  $120 !!*****


For my Curvy cuties…



MVPChic Curve Chiffon Ruffled Cami $40

Sizes: M, L, XL  (Curve sizing applies- email melissa@mvpchic.com for Size Guidelines)


MVPChic Curve Pleat Front Trouser $45

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL (Curve sizing applies- email melissa@mvpchic.com for Size Guidelines)


*****TOTAL BABE ON A BUDGET PRICE? $140 !!*****
It’s really not that hard to dress cute, turn heads, and save $$ doing so.  It’s not that hard because… you have me.  😘
Wanna add these color pops to YOUR closet?  Just email me at melissa@mvpchic.com to place your custom order.  FREE local pick up in the Chicagoland area!  No shipping fees!
The view is sunny… and the future looks bright.  Find the power in positivity!
xoxx  -Mel 💋



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