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Unleash the Best Version of Yourself: Holistically Happy Health

Unleash the Best Version of Yourself: Holistically Happy Health
June 1, 2018 Melissa

My entire adult life, I have always been pretty skinny.  I have been the same size since I was 18, and very lucky that I have had to put little to no effort in staying that way.

I know what you’re thinking… “That bitch!” But wait, wait before you judge me.  😉

I realized as I got into my 30’s that I was thin, but not healthy.  The majority of my meals were eaten after 9 PM.  And many of those “meals” consisted of buffalo chicken dip or popcorn or something along those lines.  No actual nutrition.  I also NEVER worked out, I was lazy- crossing the street for milk was just out of the question.

As I turned 33, I noticed that my metabolism was beginning to slow and that the Lou Malnati’s pizza I love so much was starting to stick around my midsection.  Of course, just in time for bikini season.  **Sigh!**

I am an admittedly vain person so I knew I needed to do something about this before it got out of hand. 😝

As a huge supporter of all women entrepreneurs, I decided to reach out to a friend, Ashleigh Tepler who is an Integrative Nutrition coach and owner of Holistically Happy Health.  We met up and I decided to hop on board and get started on being the best me.

Want to join me on my journey?  Check out Holistically Happy Health HERE.

Each week I will be posting updates on my progress: eating habits, workouts, meditations and more!  With Ashleigh’s help, I am SO excited to see just how strong and healthy this little skinny bitch over here can get.  💯


Have a happy and healthy weekend!


xoxx -Mel  💋


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