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Subscription Addiction: Birchbox

Subscription Addiction: Birchbox
April 12, 2018 Melissa

There’s nothing better than Spring surprises!  Check out this review of beauty box: Birchbox.  💄

(Thanks to our special contributor, Caroline Smith for the review.)


BIRCHBOX: This box is essentially the same concept as Ipsy and the same price, but much like the name suggests is actually a box, not an envelope (again this is small enough to fit in your mailbox) and doesn’t come with the makeup bag.

Birchbox also has a beauty profile you fill out and again, 5 beauty products are sent to you each month based on your individualized beauty profile.

The products are similar, the categories are essentially the same, but in my opinion, there are fewer perks and this is a less user-friendly subscription box than Ipsy, and overall it’s just not as exciting to get in the mail.

A new makeup bag each month (I use mine for all kinds of things, not just makeup) is what ultimately tips the scale towards Ipsy over Birchbox, but either of these boxes are great gifts that aren’t expensive and make mail fun again!


Conclusion: Birchbox is fine, but Ipsy is better.




Sign up for your Birchbox HERE 👍🏾


Happy Almost Friday!  Stay pretty!  Inside and out.


xoxx -Mel  💋




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