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Color Combos That Will Put A Spring In Your Step

Color Combos That Will Put A Spring In Your Step
April 11, 2018 Melissa

If you find yourself in a style rut, it can be tempting to break from your tried-and-true uniform of a t-shirt and skinny jeans and give something entirely new a try.  However, “new” is totally subjective.

That’s what is so great about stepping outside of that comfort zone- YOU decide whether to dip that toe in or take a major plunge!

Instead of overhauling your entire look, why not try one of these unexpected color combinations instead?  It can be as easy as pairing a simple blouse with a pair of trousers.  I promise this is not as scary as you might think.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall head over heels for a totally surprising new duo. I know I have.


Check out some fun new ways to style the rainbow:


Blush & Lavender 

There’s a reason bowls of pastel Easter candies always look so enticing (and it’s not just their yummy chocolate filling). These soft colors have a soft, romantic vibe sure to get you in the Spring time mood.  Be sure to choose pieces that have a masculine vibe or structured silhouette or you’ll risk looking too sickly sweet.



Blue & Orange

Not just for Bears fans anymore, this spunky combo is proof that opposites really do attract. Opposites on the color wheel, at least.  The best way to rock this combo is by counting your denim as your “blue.”



Mint & Red

COLOR COMBO OBSESSION.  I must admit, I have not seen much of this cool- girl combo, which means it is a definite try in my book.  Those white booties too.  Let’s not forget about the booties. So. Fresh.

The cool, pale hue helps tone down a fiery red, which can feel a little aggressive next to plain white.



Hot Pink & Bright Green

On the contrary, an uber-bright pink only gets better when paired with an equally vibrant shade, like this bold green. Keep the silhouettes simple to achieve a masterful color-blocking effect and to avoid overwhelming your figure (and everyone else’s eyes).



Red & Ultra Violet 

Speaking of violet, the Pantone Color of the Year has quickly become red’s number one partner in crime. This powerful pair is a favorite of mine, too. But, be warned: This combo is not for those looking to blend in. Instead, it demands the attention of everyone nearby.



Brighten your wardrobe with some easy basics like lightweight sweaters, cropped trousers, and midi skirts and you will find it surprisingly simple to style this trend.


Still stuck in that style rut?  Email me at melissa@mvpchic.com with your fashion questions and I’ll share some tips, tricks and fun ways to lift up your look.


As always- stay pretty!  Inside and out.


xoxx -Mel  💋



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