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Lazy Girl Kitchen: Mel’s World Famous Chilaquiles

Lazy Girl Kitchen: Mel’s World Famous Chilaquiles
March 15, 2018 Melissa

If chilaquiles is ever an option on the menu (breakfast, lunch, any meal), you better believe I am going to give them a try.

I am what some might call a “chilaquiles connoisseur.” I love everything about this south of the border dish, and it’s so easy to make.

The epitome of lazy girl breakfast dishes (because cereal doesn’t cut it), this mash-up of salsa, tortilla chips and eggs is sure to kick your taste buds up a notch.

Echale un vistazo:  (That’s Spanish for check it out  🤓)

  • 4 large eggs (this recipe is for two)
  • tomatillo or rojo salsa (or for a milder version… kids love this… I like to use Medium Old El Paso taco sauce)
  • tortilla chips (these should be thick chips- nothing thin)
  • queso fresco cheese

Scramble the eggs.  I have always made award-winning eggs by adding a little milk and ripping up American cheese to add while I cook the eggs. (I learned this from my dad, the original MVP ♥️)

In a large saucepan, add the scrambled yolks and keep these on one side of the pan.

On the other side of the pan, add the tortilla chips.  This can be as many or as little as you like. Try to keep the chips and the eggs separate, as you are just warming the chips.

Once everything is in the pan, pour the salsa over the chips.  Don’t use too much- you want the chips to stay crispy, not soggy. Use a spatula to get the salsa all over the chips, flipping them over to get an even coating. (If you haven’t figured it out by now, this recipe really doesn’t call for any amount of this or that- it’s all up to you!)

That’s why it’s one of my favorite recipes… no rules!  😉

Ok, back to our pan.🍳

Once the eggs are scrambled on one side and the chips are salsa-fied on the other, go ahead and cover that pan for about two minutes and set the heat on LOW.

Once this is all done- it’s time to layer it up.

To plate: scoop some tortilla chips onto the plate, add the scrambled eggs on top, and sprinkle on some queso fresco. You can always top this with some sliced avocado, drizzled sour cream, parsley- whatever your heart desires.

Ta-da! Look at you, girl!  This whole layered goodness takes only about 10 minutes to prepare.


Now, go wake up your man and score some major points! Get it, girl.


xoxx – Mel 💋




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