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New Season Closet Swap Out #2

New Season Closet Swap Out #2
November 2, 2017 Melissa

And another one.  😎

Since temps are quickly freezing us out of our warm weather garb, it is definitely time to make some room in your closet for fabulous fall and winter finds.

This week we will be talking about tanks, crops, and the like.

Now, this swap out is super simple.  🙌🏾

Rule #1: If it has a tie, halterneck or cutouts:  Get it out of there!  Store those babies away for hot, sunshine-y days.  If it is a crop that is in a more luxe fabric, think knits, suede, leather…. then it can stay.  But again, make sure it doesn’t tie or anything like that.

Rile #2: Layer up!  In the winter, I hate stashing my cute camis away, so I just throw a white tee under them.  Short or long sleeve- it all works.  And it’s trendy!  Step outside of the box and try this easy hack.  It will change the look of a basic tee or even a button up just like that!  I even do this with my slipdresses.  I told you guys last year: layer your slipdresses!  It’s a look of the moment, and a surefire way to mix things up.


Take a look at my Street Style #19 HERE for an example.  💯


Have questions on the brain?  No biggie!  Just shoot me an email at melissa@mvpchic.com and I will be sure to help a sista out!

Stay tuned for next week when we will talking about bags!  My all-time favorite accessory to splurge on, I will give you some tips on what bags to hang up for the season, and what trends are popping up in the fashion world right now. 😍


Stay pretty, my friends!  Inside and Out.  ♥️


xoxx -Mel  💋




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