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New Season Closet Swap Out!

New Season Closet Swap Out!
October 21, 2017 Melissa

I truly thought I would be writing this article months ago, but the weather (at least here in the Chi) has had us holding onto our summer-y attire longer than expected… and hey, I ain’t mad about it.  ☀️

However, like all good things- this will come to an end soon, and then we will be blindsided by freezing temps and below zero winds.

Let’s get ahead of the storm now, shall we?

For me, I typically have a closet full of Spring/Summer essentials which I then carefully and selectively swap out with my Fall/Winter staples. And, there is a science to it.

While a lot of the swap outs are easy and practical common sense (sandals for boots, camis for blouses, crop tops for sweaters, etc.) There are actually many pieces that you would never think of, that can transition effortlessly from tropical temps to cooler conditions.  ❄️

Each week, I will be discussing some easy-peasy style swaps that will take your wardrobe from Tired to Transformed!

This week: let’s talk about SKIRTS.

It’s obvious that skirts of all lengths are in heavy rotation during the sweltering summer months.

But, once Fall starts to roll into town, it can sometimes be difficult figuring out what to keep in your closet and what to store away.

Determining this does NOT rely on skirt length. AT ALL.

It relies heavily on fabric.  That sassy leather mini you have been rockin’ all summer?  Keep it.  Sexy fishnets bring that baby right into the Fall/Winter lineup.  Whew!  (No one wants to put away a good leather skirt.)

That silk, pleated maxi that wowed the crowd at your cousin’s wedding this summer?  Keep it.  Pair this with a crisp, white button-down shirt and you are looking like a Boss Bitch at the office in no time.

It’s really that easy.  The more luxe the fabric, the more likely it can be worked into your seasonal style space.  🙌🏾


Can’t wait for next week?  Does your closet just scream “Please help me!”? 

Well, I am back at it again with special MVPChic Seasonal Closet Swap Out sessions! 

Each appointment will consist of a personal style evaluation and professional closet clean out.  We will go over how to style what you already have, what pieces can be added to stay up on trends, and best of all: transform your closet into a true reflection of your personal style! 👠


Interested?  Email me at melissa@mvpchic.com for more info.  These appointments fill up fast!


Stay Pretty!  Inside and Out.  💯

xoxx -Mel  💋






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