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MVP: Babe On A Budget – Street Style #23 – Cornrow Edition

MVP: Babe On A Budget – Street Style #23 – Cornrow Edition
May 16, 2017 Melissa

The Final Chapter.

This look was hands down my favorite to put together and let me tell you- it felt amazing to walk out the door looking this fly. 💯

Since I have really dark hair naturally, I don’t typically wear all black garb too often, as it just blends with my hair and then looks weird. 👎🏾

But with these platinum locks, I was finally able to pull it off.  🙌🏾

I paired a lacy bardot top with some black skinny pants and ankle tie block heels.  (FYI- block heels are where it’s at this summer… GET SOME.  And if you don’t know where?  Email me.)

I topped everything off with some amazing mirrored shades = Instacool. 😎

This is a fabulously simple look, which is why it is a perfect canvas for a radical new ‘do.

Step out of the box this summer and try some new colors, textures, braids… changing up your hairstyle is like reinventing yourself as a new YOU every time you do it.

AND it keeps things spicy for your significant other.. they will feel like they are with a sexy new girl every day!  #win

Shop The Look Here:

Rachel Lace Bardot Top $48

H&M Slim Fit High Waist Pant $24.99

(Style Tip: Wear high waist bottoms with crop tops to balance out the look and showcase a flatter tummy- no muffin top here!)

Zigi Soho Kristie Heel $59.95

Over The Rainbow Aviator Sunglasses $40

Now let’s do the math:

Top + Sunnies from MVPChic = $71

Pants + Shoes = $85

Total = $156

Babes On Budgets Unite!

(Don’t forget to use code MVP20 to save 20% off your entire order.)

Happy Shopping!

xoxx -Mel  💋

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