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Fahrenheit ANYDAY: All I Want Out Of Life is More Life

Fahrenheit ANYDAY: All I Want Out Of Life is More Life
March 28, 2017 Melissa

I have had a creative block.  Like whoa.  😫

So, I do apologize for the lack of info coming your way… but DUDE… I found something that broke me right out of that shell.

More Life.

Nope, I am not talking about experiencing more out of life, although that is most certainly not discouraged.

As a matter of fact- do that. Take that as lesson one of this post.

But this new album- by the 606’s Drake- really got me out of my brain’s jam.  🙌🏾

This 22 song compilation boasts sweet beats, GREAT features, and a seamless flow that makes listening over and over again- infectious.

I honestly can’t tell me the last time I have just let a whole album ride…. no skipping.  Gosh, maybe Carter 3?? Geez.

I found myself dancing aka jammin’ in my dining room.

While my favorite tracks do feature other names in the game- Drake does spit some good rhymes here and there and keeps you entertained.

I am definitely glad I spent my chill night in to experience this album.

Here’s a little breakdown of what to expect throughout this journey:

We really start getting good at Track 3,4 and 5, which features artists Black Coffe and Jorja Smith.  So smooth, so house-y.  I love.

Track 8 features Sampha- you may have heard him before featured a trillion times with one of my favorite djs- SBTRKT.  Oh, so good.  This one slides right on into 9- it’s perf.

Track 13 brings us to a little Drake-esque crying… but hey, that’s to be expected, right?

He immediately redeems himself with 14 though- this one will take you back to better days, fo sho.

And probably my favorite track on this whole she-bang?

22.  Do Not Disturb. And, I definitely do NOT want to be disturbed when listening to it.

Now, let me get back to the damn music.  😍

You can download the entire album here on Apple Music.

OR on Google Play here.

(I tried to search for FREE videos and downloads, but nothing good is out there yet- it’s all remixed and TRUST, the album needs to be listened all the way through- the way he produced it.)

Thoughts?  Holla at your girl in the comments below.  😘

xoxx -Mel  💋




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