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Fahreinheit Friday: Keep It Swanky – Jidenna

Fahreinheit Friday: Keep It Swanky – Jidenna
October 28, 2016 Melissa

“I’m a classic man…”  We all know it, we have all hummed it before… and given the massive success of “Classic Man,” you might assume Jidenna made it overnight.

In truth, the 31-year-old singer/rapper/producer has been pursuing music fulltime for nearly a decade, which probably explains why his first impression on the world was so damn polished. (Just like his style **swoon**)

Nominated for a Grammy after just one single, expectations are big for Jidenna’s debut album, but I doubt he frets it. 💯

Born in Wisconsin- oh so many phenomenal hip hop artists come from the Midwest- but partially raised in his native Nigeria, Jidenna Theodore Mobission waited until after his college graduation before chasing the dream.

Some might consider this late to the Hip Hop scene, but no no no- Jidenna was just making sure he got things right the first time.  And right he was.

He turned down a record deal to study at Stanford, and there his professor Philip Zimbardo, the psychologist behind the infamous Stanford prison experiment, taught him the power of fashion.  😍

“We had an experiment where we had to dress like somebody else every day for five days,” he recalls. “I’d come in Abercrombie & Fitch one day. Another day I’d be in a varsity jacket like a jock guy.”  A man after my own heart, no?

Jidenna didn’t adopt his current style until the 2010 death of his father, a dapper Nigerian professor who helped design Africa’s first personal computer. “It was my way of grieving, initially,” he says.

To keep up with his smooth, smart, and un-paralleled lyrics- he is also a founding member of the social club Fear & Fancy, founded in 2006, which is described as ‘A combination of hip hop and Kaplan’.

My money’s on this guy’s success.  Swanky. 🔥

Damn, son.

xoxx  -Mel  💋

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