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Wind Down Wednesday… DJ Divsa’s Got A New Mixtape

Wind Down Wednesday… DJ Divsa’s Got A New Mixtape
August 17, 2016 Melissa
In Sounds

We’re halfway there.  It’s Wednesday, hump day, whatever you want to call it- we’re there.

Take a breath, and wake yourself up with a sick new mixtape from my favorite Canadian DJ.

If you haven’t heard of him, give it a whirl.  DJ Divsa, it’s where it’s at- I promise.  THE GREATEST

This one mixes fast paced cultural influencers with new hip hop hits.

Get ready to get thrown into the mix IMMEDIATELY, and in pure Divsa fashion, watch the beats build and then chill you out at the same time.  These beats will bring you backkkk. 😉

It’s a style all his own, and I was sold on day one.  Scope it  HERE,  and for God’s sake- switch the style up.


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Jam on.


xoxx  -Mel 💋



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