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Here’s What Happened At Superbowl 2016 (because you were off doing better things)

Here’s What Happened At Superbowl 2016 (because you were off doing better things)
February 9, 2016 Melissa

My main question about this year’s Superbowl was:

“Are they not going to show Shameless??”

“Is this going to stop all of my regularly scheduled Sunday programming from playing today??”

I mean, by the time brunch was over, and laundry was done, and all of that regular Sunday jazz… the last thing I wanted to do was give one care about the Superbowl.

But I do always wonder about the commercials.  I do need to know who was performing at half-time, and I do give a few cares about who was there with whom, who wore what, etc.

So hey!  I have been wishing for a list like this- and now I have fulfilled my own dream (go figure, right?)  😉

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened Sunday night:

Let’s start here”  with a little jacket inspo… thank you Kate, I never wanted a varsity jacket in HS- and now it’s the only thing I want to keep me warm in Spring:



Lady Gaga killed it singing the National Anthem, but killed me with her suit choice (Hilary is proud though, so there’s that.)


Watch her sing it here:


Janelle Monae was cuter than we thought possible dancing through the ages:




Beyonce is NOT over her leotards.  And I truly AM.



She also danced so hard she almost bust it.  But, just shake it off… Black Power!!  Ahem, I mean Queen B Power, my bad.  😉


Helen Mirren schooled us on drinking and driving… because she doesn’t fuck around.


There was this weirdness… I am still unsure how to feel…




Seth and Amy have some stuff to say that’s more relevant to America then what our current candidates are squawking about.



And…. Apple and Blue Ivy held hands… so yeah, there was that- and you missed it.



There ya have it folks… and Denver won.  Yay for my favorite **liberal** city!!  Play on, playas 🙂






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